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CLR Saskatchewan is the Representative Employers’ Organization (“REO”) designated to represent unionized contractors in various trade divisions in Saskatchewan. We provide services in the way of collective bargaining with the Saskatchewan Building Trades Unions, collective agreement administration and interpretation, assistance in arbitrations and labour law issues and various other industry stakeholder initiatives.

As a building trades unionized contractor working in Saskatchewan, we encourage you to join our Association and have a voice in the future of our industry.


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CLR Objectives

The objectives of the Association are to seek to be the Representative Employer Organization on behalf of unionized contractors in various Trade Divisions for the purpose of coordinating bargaining with trade unions or Council of trade unions, and to:

  • Consider and adopt methods of promoting and regulating sound labour relations
  • Establish policies for the uniform content, administration, and interpretation of collective bargaining agreements;
  • Assist its members in the resolution of any dispute between a member and any trade union or trade unions;
  • Develop policies and programs to encourage labour stability;


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