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CLR Construction Labour Relations Association of Saskatchewan Inc. was formed in 1993 to effectively represent contractors working in Saskatchewan on a union-only basis.

At that time, the only labour relations organization unionized contractors could join was an organization with a membership made up mainly of contractors that worked on a non-union basis. CLR offered unionized contractors the opportunity to effectively manage labour relations in the unionized construction sector.

In, 1993, CLR was designated as the exclusive bargaining agent for unionized contractors in 16 trade divisions within the Province of Saskatchewan. With this designation, CLR became responsible for negotiations on behalf of all unionized contractors.

Since the 1993 designation, CLR has carried out its mandate as the employer representative in labour relations in both bargaining and contract administration and industry development.

CLR works on behalf of its members and the unionized industry to develop a new approach to labour relations.

CLR continues to add new contractors to its membership as the importance of an organization representing the unionized industry gains wider acceptance.


CLR Member Services and Industry Development

In addition to acting as the employers’ organization for industry negotiations, CLR provides a range of services to its members and represents the unionized industry by serving on a number of committees and associations.

Member Services
CLR offers support and assistance to its members in dealing with a wide range of labour relations and unionized construction issues.

Industry Development
CLR promotes unionized construction through its participation in organizations such as the National Construction Labour Relations Alliance, and CODC Construction Opportunities Development Council Inc. CLR also represents the unionized industry in presentations to government at all levels.


The Registration Collective Bargaining System in Saskatchewan

The Construction Industry Labour Relations Act, 1992 (CILRA) provided for province-wide negotiation of agreements and for representation of unionized contractors in a trade division by an employers’ organization, which is commonly referred to as a Registration system. It was designed to bring about uniform agreements amongst unionized contractors throughout the province.

The Act insured funding is available for collective bargaining, contract administration and industry development. All unionized contractors pay a fee to the employers’ organization based on the number of hours worked by unionized employees in Saskatchewan.

In 2014, the Saskatchewan Employment Act replaced the CILRA and incorporated many of its provisions in Section 6, Division 13.

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